Cool Bathtub Makeover Using Ceramic Border Tiles Made with Cindy's Artwork!

Cindy's painting entitled "Square Dance"
is a stunning 60"x48" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas!

We later had Square Dance professionally scanned and then reproduced as 20 different ceramic border tiles! These tiles can be used as a kitchen backsplash mural, tile table top, drink coasters, or many other creative ideas. In this case, we used them as a bathtub border. 

I added the tiles around the bathtub working my way from the edges of two walls towards the center. In doing so, I would only need to cut one tile where they met in the middle, and possibly one other tile on the very end of the last row.

Since we are only using one row of tiles, I used a caulking gun with white caulk in between tiles rather that traditional grout. As a trim around the edge, we bought 1/4" square wood trim from Hobby Lobby. We painted the trim and I gave it w light coat of glue before nailing it on using a nail gun and small finishing nails.


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