Prone to Wander Wooden Coasters (100 Different)

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SET DESCRIPTION - The “Prone to Wander” coasters are inspired by the Parable of the Lost Sheep, found in the Bible, in Luke 15: 3-7. This parable tells of a shepherd who had 100 sheep, and when one of his sheep got lost, he left the 99 to go find the one who had wandered away. It's a story about how much God loves us.

Cindy Head, the artist, created the original art as a 48”x48” acrylic painting (of all 100 sheep), on gallery wrapped canvas. This painting was sold in 2019 to a collector in Minnesota. Immediately after Cindy completed the painting, she had it professionally scanned to create a high-resolution file. Each of the 100 sheep from this painting has been turned into an individual piece of art and are now available as coasters and other items. All are wearing their ‘Converse Tennis Shoes’ (good for running away), and each has a heart-shaped necklace with an individual number on it. NOTE: The #100 is "missing the sheep" and all that remains is his/her numbered heart-shaped tag! This one represents the sheep that ran away. With the other 99, there are both black and white sheep in this flock. Since each of these was originally a smaller part of a larger painting, there will be brush strokes, flecks, slight canvas patterns, and minor imperfections, which all go into making each of these both unique and artsy! Being scanned from the original canvas makes them all the more unusual and collectible. This is what you find with traditional paintings versus digitally made artwork. We hope that collectors will try and collect the entire 100 Sheep Set! The stye was meant to be childlike, whimsical and fun! We hope they make lots of people smile! After all ... you are LOVED!